Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to join?
Register yourself in the client portal. Make the payment. Download the PerfectGym Go App (App Store / Google Play). Log in. Push the key icon in the top right corner. Generate you personal QR-code. Point the QR-code under the QR-code reader. Enjoy your workout!

2. How to pay?
Payments are only made with payment cards. You can pay with both Visa and Mastercard debit and credit cards

3. What to do if the payment fails?
In case the payment fails on the first try, log in to the client portal. Select “Payments”. Check the payment(s) you want to pay for. Select “Pay”. Make the payment.

4. Which packages can I choose from?
You can choose between two packages: one year gym access with monthly payments and one year gym access with a one-time, immediate payment.

5. What are the opening hours?
The gym is open 24/7.

6. Why do I need to use a personal padlock?
Personal padlock is needed to lock your locker in the changing room. You can bring it with you or buy one from the vending machine.

7. Is it possible to get a trial workout?
Yes. For a trial workout you can purchase the three-day gym pass.

8. Are there any group trainings?

9. Is there a personal trainer service?
Yes. You can get acquainted with our personal trainers here. For bookings and price info, please contact the personal trainers directly.

10. Is there an age restriction?
Yes. The minimum age requirement is 15 years of age. All agreements with the underage members must be signed by their legal guardians.

11. Is there a sauna?
We want to ensure the best possible security of our clients. Due to the absence of service personnel we do not offer sauna services.

12. Can I share or forward my membership?
No. The membership is valid for one person only. It is prohibited to share or forward the membership to others.

13. Can I visit all gyms under the Gym! brand with one membership?

14. Can I freeze my membership?
No. To be able to offer the most affordable price, we do not offer the freeze option.

15. What is a self-service gym?
A self-service gym does not have a service desk or personnel in their usual meaning. Instead there are vending machines and experienced personal trainers who also act as trainers on duty.

16. How to terminate an agreement?
The contract is binding for 12 months. The contract cannot be terminated prematurely. After one year you have to inform the club about your wish to terminate the contract one month in advance.